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MDR DIGITAL IMAGES, in partnership with Live Webcast Productions and Sinbrad Media, has now become Sport Stream Live.

to provide high quality and affordable live streaming services to your club or league,

incorporating multiple cameras with live action replays, stunning graphics, sponsors advertising and full match commentary.


Sports Clubs & Leagues around the world are starting to understand the powerful benefits of live streaming. Sport Stream Live is a Gippsland owned and operated live streaming production created for Gippsland sports clubs and leagues.

Visit to find out what we can do for you and your sponsors. 


Get your season off to the perfect start with a club Media Day.

*Package $600.00



Short Video Interview of all Senior Players

5 Minute Interviews with Club Captain & Coach

Player & Team Photos

Sponsors promotion included

All Footage edited into a series of clips for club social media and website


*GST Exempt


A weekly, fortnightly or monthly podcast about your club or league, about what’s going on, milestones, scores, highlights and so much more.

The one hour show can be a simple audio podcast or captured on video as well.

They can be done over the phone, in studio or at club/league headquarters, interviewing club members, sponsors, coaches and players. Lift the profile of your club/league and sell yourself to the masses.

Integrate 15 second ads for sponsors, giving them more bang for buck or just on-sell them to your sponsor.


If your business is looking to advertise through your local community sports club or league, Sport Stream Live have affordable single or multiple game packages for ever budget.

PACKAGE ONE - *$100.00 

LOGO/BUSINESS BRAND - Your business logo will be run at intervals throughout the broadcast under the heading "This live stream has been brought to you by..(your brand), letting the viewing public know that you have contributed to supporting their favourite local sports club.

PACKAGE TWO - *$150.00

LIVE READ - Includes package one plus our match commentator/s will give your business multiple "personal shout outs" and talk about your services and/or products that you offer during the broadcast.


PACKAGE THREE - *$200.00

VIDEO/AUDIO ADVERTISING - Includes package one and two plus we will run any video or audio advertising that you can provide us.

(6 x 15 second commercials or 3 x 30 second commercials)

*GST Exempt

Michael Robinson



Michael has an extensive background in photography and video and is passionate about all things sport. Having been involved with grassroots sports at all levels, Michael understands the importance of building strong long-term relationships to drive success.

Brad Sinclair



Brad circle.png
You can find out more about Brad and Sinbrad Media by clicking the link below

Stefan Gregory



Stefan has years of experience in the IT Industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise on gameday. Stefan has been producing Live Streams for a variety of events since 2017 and has the experience to produce a high quality Live Stream
Stefan png.png
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